Fitness Journey

My fitness journey began early on mainly because of my family. My mum was a very good marathon runner with a PB of 3:06 at the London Marathon, my dad was a runner and a keen football player, my brother was a sports nut now excelling in cricket, rugby and football and my sister was a brilliant swimmer when I was younger and is now a triathlete who has represented GB and completed a half iron man. I was always the odd one out with not much interest in any form of sport or exercise until I hit my teens. I enjoyed school sports like netball and hockey, but had no abundant ability so I started running, more like casual jogging and did a 5K race for life fun run. After this I realized I really did enjoy running and took it up seriously, I got into road races and then cross-country. From the ages of 16-19 I ran for my county, became captain of the girl’s cross-country team at school and competed in various national events. I also joined an athletics club and ran for their ladies team.

Unfortunately, I got a bit carried away with the running and starting a healthy lifestyle and became anorexic when I was 16, although this was an awful time and took away 2 years of my life, I made the choice to recover and I did so.

On the 5th January 2015 I started Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide 1.0, my focus was on building strength and muscle to regain my health. I loved the BBG it gave me structure and a progressive plan as well as a great online community of support. Having enjoyed BBG 1.0 so much I began BBG 2.0 on the 30th March 2015. The Bikini Body Guide ignited my passion for lifting weights and strength training and this is where I wanted to expand my knowledge.

I spent the summer of 2015 travelling Thailand, doing all sorts of physical pursuits to stay active, but still make the most of my time travelling. When I returned home I continued to weight train using online support such as to put workouts together. I hid in the corner of the gym for a while, doing my baby weights before I realized that I deserve to train properly with all the equipment I need and migrated to the ‘big boys’ area. Honestly ladies, don’t be intimidated, walk into the weights room with your head held high because everyone was a beginner at some point.

On the 1st February 2016 I decided I wanted to compete in Bikini fitness, it had been on my mind for a while but I had never committed to it. I have found myself two brilliant coaches that are taking me though this prep for the competition, which is in September 2016 giving myself 32 Weeks to be the best version of myself. Adam Willis programs my training and Alex Ritson deals with nutrition, together they are Lean body Performance and cater to great variety of people with many different goals; but most importantly they tailor my plan to me.

So that was a brief outline of where I’ve come from and how I’ve got to where I am currently. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight and I look forward to sharing more with you.

Leisha x


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