Bikini Competition Prep- 1

Hey everyone, so this is my first blog In relation to my Bikini Prep. But first I’m going to explain what a Bikini Fitness competition is. Bikini Fitness is one of the female bodybuilding categories, it places much less emphasis on muscularity and more on proportion, symmetry, balance, shape, skin tone, as well as the overall stage performance, styling and poise. At the UKBFF competition itself, you are required to do a simple routine for the pre- judging round comprising of: Front stance, quarter turn right, side stance, quarter turn back stance, quarter turn right and quarter turn front stance. If you are fortunate to be in the finals you have to do a T-walk on stage alone before performing the routine again.

After lots of research I chose my competition and federation; I will be competing in the UKBFF federation in the Midlands in September 2016.

So the first part of the process is the ‘bulk’ and in my case I am doing a ‘lean bulk’ this means I don’t just eat rubbish because I want to put on size, I eat whole foods that are rich in nutrition to fuel my body. I have the challenge of putting on quite a bit of lean body mass, especially in the important areas for bikini fitness, which is the glutes, upper back and shoulders; but I love a challenge and love pushing myself towards a goal. Many people ask me if I track macros and the current answer is yes, I have a coach and I’m tracking my macros to ensure I know how my body responds to the composition of my diet and the number of calories I consume. Although this is not as important when bulking it becomes vital when dieting down, I need a baseline and I need to know what works for my body. Some people have questioned me for this because I had an eating disorder in the past and they have said that it’s difficult to track and not become obsessed again and fall back into the mindset; however, I am recovered and have a healthy mindset towards food and nutrition as well as a lot more knowledge so this is not a concern for me.

This bulk will continue till the end of May, giving me plenty of time to diet down during the summer. For now I will enjoy my high calories, great training sessions and flexibility in my life and bring on the gains!

Leisha x

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