Posing- Bikini Prep 2

My first ever posing workshop was definitely interesting as I had never posed before and it was all very new (and slightly awkward). So I signed up to show girl fitness’s Joanna Wolosz bikini posing workshop, I had literally never posed before and only bought my stage shoes two days previous. Joanna has many titles with her most recent being the UK national championship so I really was learning from the best.


At first standing in a room in a bikini with 15 other amazing women was slightly daunting, but I soon realised that everyone looked different there was no 1 body type or shape just lots of healthy and strong women. We went through each pose individually many times to get the hang of it and Joanna came to us individually to readjust us (mainly pulling our bikinis up to an uncomfortable height). We then practiced and learnt the transitions between these moves and the T walk. The workshop was great for me because I got to meet lots of other bikini girls which I haven’t been able to do before as well as learn from other experienced girls in the workshop. I now have a starting point to start posing and can start strutting my stuff in my house because believe me when I say posing is hard and it’s going to take a lot of practice. It’s all about finding the best positions for your body to highlight your own strengths so that you can look your best up there on that stage.

If you’re interested in posing workshops, here is a link to Show Girl Fitness http://www.showgirlfitness.com/posing-workshops.html





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