Quinoa Porridge

Ingredients 1 serving of quinoa (40g dry) 150ml Almond Milk 1 scoop whey (optional) 1 banana Berries of choice   Method Rinse the Quinoa with cold water. Add the quinoa and almond milk to the pot and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Whilst cooking chop up a banana and gather you berries. Add the berries and […]

Black Bean Blondie Brownies

Makes 12 Blondies Ingredients: 1 tin (400g) Black beans 20g Chia Seeds 150g Sukrin almond flour 45g Powdered Peanut Butter (HaleNaturals) 32g (1 sachet) Vanilla Casein (optional) 250ml Unsweetetened Almond milk 20g Coconut oil 200g Applesauce 70g Date Syrup 100g Sultanas   Method: Soak the chia seeds in 120ml of water for 30-40minutes Drain the […]