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BeFit London festival is a three day women’s health and fitness festival including motivational talks, free fitness classes from Europes most popular, cooking demonstrations and a vast array of brands to shop from. Huge names are involved with the festival such as Reebok, women’s health, Zanna Van Dijk, Tara Stiles, Madeline Shaw and so many more, but whats great is the variety of people involved, there’s something for everyone.

This year I was lucky enough to go on the Saturday, I took full advantage of the talks and demonstrations starting with ReboundUk who run low impact trampette classes. These short 10 minute taster sessions were incredibly tough, from cardio based running and sprinting to strength based press ups and lunges; there incredibly versatile and easy to tailor to everyones abilities whilst being low impact on your joints, I definitely want to go to a full class after this taster.


The brands at the festival were great, a real range from active wear to protein, you name it and it was probably there. There were a lot of different food and nutrition companies specialising in protein bars, protein, raw treats, frozen smoothies, nut bars, wholefoods, cereal, nut butter, smoothies, superfoods, breakfast drinks, jerkey, egg white crisps… you get the idea and they were also handing out a lot of samples… Although the samples were fundamentally healthy, the amount I consumed would probably not be considered healthy! However it was all important research as I got to learn about a lot of new brands and by having experts there explaining their products it helps you to understand why your buying these things and the real benefits behind them.



There was a lot of gorgeous activewear around from Adidas, to Gymshark and lots in between that catered for yoga bunnies, runners, gym goers and all other possible forms of physical activity. There were great deals to be had so I made the most of it with a few purchases.

MyProtein Leggings

At the festival there was a Kitchen demonstration area and I swung by to see Hazel Wallace (The Food medic) who made three beautiful dishes and all the recipes are on her website. This area gives people some inspiration to get in the kitchen and start cooking. The only problem with the area was that it was quite loud in the centre so it made it a little difficult to hear , but apart from that it was great.


The final thing I did was go to one of the talks by Zanna Van Dijk and the founder of BeFit, Leigh Fergus; the talk focussed an Zanna’s career journey, blogging and lots of tips and tricks. It was very insightful and great to hear from both Zanna and Leigh and listen to their takes on health and fitness. As always Zanna was very inspiring and everyone left having learnt something.


I said the final thing, but actually the final thing was a quick dash round all the samples, eat them and then on I went to the train station feeling incredibly full.

Overall the BeFit event was phenomenal, it felt very empowering to have so many women there that were interacting and getting on instead of judging each other. I got to meet up with lots of people with the same interest in fitness but who have a completely different approach and fitness routine. We’re all individual, no one has the same training regime so its great to hear what others do and to meet new people.

The bottom line is, girls get yourself to this festival in 2017, feel empowered and inspired as well as well fed and well educated !

Visit their website for more information and keep a look out for next years event. http://www.befitlondon.com





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