Bikini Prep 3- The Research Project


Hi guys, So as you may or may not already know I am competing in Bikini Fitness this year. I have been asked to be part of a research paper as a scientific case study on a female natural bodybuilder and therefore everything will be tracked meticulously to see what changes occur throughout the body during a prep both physically and psychologically.

I will be tracking and analysing the following:

  • Daily resting body temperature
  • Daily resting heart rate
  • Daily scale weight
  • Nightly sleep cycle (time and efficiency)
  • Daily step count
  • Cardio heart rate
  • Food Intake (Macros)

I will also be doing a psychometric test once a week and my training volume will be tracked and categorised into primary, secondary and tertiary muscle group recruitment volumes.

Prior to my prep or dieting down I have had a full blood panel including cortisol, female hormones, T3 and T4. I have had my skinfolds measured and also been put under a DEXA scan which is a way of measuring body fat, bone density and a ridiculous amount of measurements all over your body. I underwent an indirect calorimetry test to analyse my resting metabolic rate and substrate utilization also. All of these tests will be carried out just prior to my show as well as 3 months post-comp.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 20.42.04
Me under a DEXA Scan

My blood panel came back fairly clear with an indication of slightly low oestrogen levels which will be rectified after prep. My bone density as shown by the DEXA was healthy and my RMR was normal; so for people who say I’m super lucky to just always be on the slimmer side there’s nothing extra ordinary going on, its my lifestyle.

I have all the measurement and body fat figures, however I don’t think there’s a point in sharing the numbers themselves as they are specific to me and won’t help anyone. What is significant is the changes in these figures if they rise or fall and this I will be sharing.

Hopefully you will want to follow this scientific approach to see what happens, I will be posting regular updates throughout my Bikini Prep series and if you have any questions ask away !

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