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Hello, Today I’m coming at you from my savvy student head. As you may or may not know I am at university studying sports and exercise science, I don’t have a part time job during term time and am on a strict budget. However, being on a budget does not mean you have to eat cheap convenience food and the stereotypical pot noodles, it means you need to do your research.IMG_8783

In this post I am going to outline some of my top tips:

  • Plan Your Meals
  • Have some Staples
  • Use Online Tools
  • Buy in Bulk
  • The Freezer is your friend
  • Find discount codes and offers
  • Club together to order to save on delivery

Planning your meals even loosely can save you money, you buy what you need and nothing gets wasted. You can change it up from week to week, but if you know what you’re having,you can buy the ingredients you need and it saves you buying lots of things in case you ‘might’ need them.

Staples are an essential, get a big bag of oats and your breakfast is sorted. Buy some dry grains to put in your cupboard such as quinoa, bulgur wheat, pearl barley, cous cous or brown rice and your lunch boxes will be filled, as well as your dinners.

I find that there are some great online tools to help you save money, the best one in my opinion is and they also have an app. The site allows you to create a shopping basket and compare the price of all items across different supermarkets to see where items are cheaper and where there are deals on. Similarly, watch where you shop, if you shop at Waitrose of course your shop is going to be more expensive. I love Aldi, its good quality and value for money; every week they have a ‘Super 6’ 6 fruit or vegetables for 29p and you can’t really beat that.

I also buy in bulk, meat that is. I buy chicken in large quantities and put it in the freezer, this saves money and means I always have some protein to hand. Other great foods to buy in bulk and put in the freezer are salmon, cod, haddock (generally fish) and mince. I source most of my meat and seafood from musclefood. The code LM171750 gets you a cheeky freebie as well! A great trick for your freezer is frozen berries and fruit, its much cheaper to buy large bags of frozen fruit then it it is to buy those small punnets of fresh fruit; all supermarkets now do them and tesco even do frozen avocados now. Another bulk buy is nut butter, now if you’ve been following me in any way you know this is my addiction; the cheapest way to buy Nut Butter is in 1kg tubs compared to the small jars. My final bulk buy is for the protein lovers out there, buying small 1kg bags works out very expensive, the more you buy the cheaper it is. Buying a 5kg bag of whey may seem like your spending a lot of money initially but will save in the long run.

My final tip is finding discount codes or offers, never settle for the full price always look for discount codes and offers that will genuinely make you savings, get your calculator out in stores to ensure you’re getting a good deal or use comparison websites to scour the net for the cheapest and best quality whey or nut butter! And finally, get together with your friends to order deliveries, you will either get free delivery for ordering so much or you can divide the cost of delivery between you and save there.

Discount Codes:

  • ‘LEISHA’ gets you 10% of your MyProtein order
  • Bulk Powders always have lots off different deals to check out

So the next time you hear someone tell you that you can’t eat healthily on a budget tell them they’re not trying hard enough and they best come read this post.

Leisha x

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