Bikini Prep 5- Cardio & Update

Bikini Prep 5- Cardio & Update- The Research Project

So here’s an update for all of you who are following my Bikini journey. I am writing this 6 weeks into my prep and 10 weeks out from my competition. So far I have lost about 4lbs so as I have previously said I am loosing weight (hopefully fat) slowly but surely. Still feeling quite alert and happy, no major diet symptoms yet and my training is consistent.

With regards to all the variables I have been tracking there have been a few noticeable changes. Mainly my average heart rate which has been very slowly decreasing; the reason for this is that the body is designed to maintain itself, by putting my body in a calorie deficit it has reduced its resting heart rate to reduce my calorie expenditure to try and maintain my weight. This could be the reason for the plateau I am about to talk about.

Now the plateau… So over the past 2 weeks I hit a plateau. No weight loss, just fluctuating between a small range, now when your dieting this can be pretty disheartening so I spoke to my coach (Alex) and we decided that it was time to introduce the CARDIO.


To see how the cardio affects me and my weight we are starting with a 40 minute moderate paced jog at 12 minute mileing twice a week. The reason the activity is so moderate is to not tax the CNS too much. Whilst dieting down it is important I ensure that I have sufficient energy to give my best in my resistance training to maintain my level of muscle mass. A high quality training stimulus is still required to maintain the higher degree of muscle mass and therefore HITT training could potentially inhibit my ability to train to the extent I usually would in my resistance sessions.

Isn’t cardio really boring though? I personally enjoy cardio, getting a sweat on and the rush of endorphins post cardio really motivates me aswell as a good podcast, soundtrack or even YouTube video. I will do some of my cardio on a treadmill and some outdoors so I can mix things up and prevent getting bored. I also where a HR monitor whilst doing cardio so it will be interesting to see how this changes over the coming weeks.

Now it’s not long till I get to start choosing my bikini and accessories and getting ready for the girly bits of bikini prep so stay tuned to see how things go and what I choose.


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