Bikini Prep 6 – Curveballs and Changes


At 4 weeks out I knew I really needed to get my pose on, having been to one of Joanna’s group sessions I knew she would be able to give me some great tips one to one. I Met her down in brum for a session where she gave me poses that suited my physique better and also helped with my transitions as I am not the smoothest… During the session Joanna also threw some curveballs In there. The main one being that she thought I had already achieved the leanness required and needed to fill up my muscles more; I still had a 4 week diet planned so I was a bit thrown off. I always knew that I was going to have to really analyse my physique as I went along because it’s my first prep and I had no idea what I would look like at different weights.

Away I went and me and Alex (Coach) increased my macros to maintain weight and get fuller and stop any more fat loss as well as removing cardio. So all in all I met Joanna, got some posing done, got more food and reduced cardio, not a bad session then ?

My bikini arrived and after the first few days of being unsure whether I liked it, I fell in love with it. The reason I was unsure… Well I had been putting the bikini top on upside down, no wonder I thought the shape was odd; so when I actually wore the bikini properly I loved it and can’t thank Sparkle Bikini enough. No pictures yet so you will have to wait and see those later!

How am I feeling mentally?

Despite a few stressful weeks with work and general life I still feel very upbeat and positive probably due to me not have to be too extreme with my diet, I have been fairly flexible so far making healthy treats to combat cravings like protein pancakes, I wanted to be as balanced as I could be on this prep and I have been. Yes I’ve had days when I feel really tired and my body just wants to sleep but being on prep means I have to push through and get it done. I also had 2 weeks of just holding water due to stress and things which played on my mind a bit, but having a coach to reassure me and take some of that stress away really helped. Now I’m getting more and more nervous as time gets closer purely due to my posing but I will now be posing at least every other day  to bring this up to scratch so I can feel confident and strut my stuff on the stage.

From the science part of my prep all that I have to report is that I am still tracking all the markers I originally did and the case study is gradually being written up as I go along by Alex.

Macro Experimenting

Alex and I decided to change my 5 normal and 2 high days a week to a standard linear intake for ease as the two high days were not significant enough to result in a metabolic adaptation. As well as having a linear calorie intake throughout the week I am also going to practise carbing up as I would for show day. This is to see how my body responds to it, to certain foods and to ensure I’m not just guessing when it comes down to peak week.

Now to write a show day checklist, get some jewellery and pose pose pose !

Hope you enjoyed my little update as we now approach the final stint of prep.




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