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Flex Bowls, What are they? Is this is a recipe post or is this a blog post? This is a bit of both, including how to guides, recipes and a lot of chat.

Flex Bowls mean different things to different people; for me a flex bowl is a bowl for the soul. It contains a healthy base with all your favourite toppings both naughty and nice but in moderation and is consistent with a flexible approach to eating. Some people have ‘gains bowls’ which tend to be less focused on moderation and more focused on how much junk food can they get in a bowl to fit their macros or calorie goals.

FullSizeRender (2)
Greek Yoghurt, FlavDrops, Dates, Figs, Mulberries & A LOT of NUT BUTTERS

IIFYM (If it fits your macros)

So whats all this about fitting your macros? Macros are you own personal macronutrient targets tailored to your specific goals. For example you could be on 40% Carbohydrate, 25% Protein and 35% Fat. Throughout the day you track all your food using an app or a database to work out how much of each you are having. The idea of a flex bowl is allow yourself a treat but staying within your macronutrient goals. Flex bowls are also used at the end of the day if you have undershot on your macros, the idea is to use up all your leftover macros in one big bowl of deliciousness.

Flex bowls aren’t just for those counting their macros though. If your not counting macros but your living a balanced healthy lifestyle then a flexbowl is just a way of having a treat but still not over consuming.

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Cottage cheese, FlavDrops, Maca Caramel Super seeds & Almond Butter

Moderation is key

Flex bowls aren’t all about numbers though there fun ! Having some chocolate or a few biscoffs is not unhealthy, by having a small amount of these in moderation it will make sticking to your healthy lifestyle a hell of a lot easier.

Chocolate Proats, Chocolate Nakd Bar, Dates, Chocolate Sauce & Dessicated Coconut

How To Guide

  1. Choose Your Base: Yoghurt, Quark, Oats, Cookie Dough, Cottage Cheese

  2. Flavour: FlavDrops, Date Nectar, Stevia Drops

  3. Toppings (The Fun bit)

  • Protein: Protein Powder, Protein Bars

  • Carbohydrates: Granola, Fresh fruit, dried fruit, Date nectar, agave syrup, fruit syrup

  • Fats: Nut Butter, Nuts, Seeds, coconut, Dark chocolate, Crushed seed mixes


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