Peak Week

So this week was Peak Week and both My coaches and I planned everything to the minute details. It’s important to remember everyone’s peak week is different and personal to you, for me I needed to ensure I fill up my muscles at the end of the week to look full as I have a smaller physique.

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Bikini Sneak Peek

Protocols- Water/Sodium

It’s common to see a lot of extreme measures being taken in this week to some how dramatically change your physique; however these protocols are extreme and don’t really have a massive effect overall. I will NOT be manipulating sodium and eating a normal amount, I will also NOT be manipulating water and drinking my usual 3-4 litres a day and I will drink as much as I like on show day. No diuretics and no laxatives.


  • Full Body Exfoliation Everyday- PH Scrub and gloves used
  • Full Body Moisurisation Everyday – Oil Free Moisturiser
  • Posing Everyday


Nutritionally I started off the week with low carb days or carb depletion as its known. The purpose is to make you more sensitive to the carbs you consume nearer the comp. Up until now fibrous carbs have been important. However you do not want fibrous carbs on your carb loading days as this could cause digestive issues and bloating.

  • Mon- Low Carb
  • Tues- Low Carb
  • Weds- Low Carb
  • Thurs- High Carb
  • Fri- High Carb
  • Sat- Moderate-High Carb
  • Sun- Show Day
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High Carb Days !


I am taking all the same supplements I have been taking throughout prep, there is no need to change them and its best to give your body what it’s used to.


Diary for the Week

Monday- Upper Body Session + 20 Min HITT (15s on, 45s off)

Tuesday- Lower Body Session

Wednesday- Upper Body Session + 20 Min HITT (15s on, 45s off)

Thursday-Lower Body Weights Session

Full body waxing (Must be 48 hrs before tan)

Friday- Rest Day

Hair Dressers

Saturday- Rest Day

 Travel down to Birmingham

Sunday- Show Day in Birmingham

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That’s Peek Week you can follow my whole journey with the links below and don’t forget to come back for my Show day blog !

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