Show Day

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I can’t believe I’m writing my show day blog post, this prep has gone so quickly and now it’s over any ‘tough’ times have escaped my memory. In this blog I will be sharing exactly what show day entails and what happened on the stage.

Day’s Events

6am Wake Up
6:05-6:20am Shower + Body Scrub exfoliation
6:30am Make breakfast
6:40-7am Check in with coach
7am Breakfast
7:30am Arrive at Venue
7:45-8:30am Tanning at the event by ProGlow
9am Registration
10am Make Up
11:30am Athletes Meeting
12pm Show Started
12pm Change into Bikini, Touch up hair and makeup
12:15pm Tan touch ups
  Pump up with resistance bands
12:45pm Onto the STAGE
1:10pm All Finished


On the day everyone will have different goals and methods. I personally still needed to fill out more and stay full (my muscles needed to be full). I had a whey protein shake first thing in the morning alongside rice cakes and jam. I then continued to eat rice cakes and jam throughout the day until my show. I chose these foods because rice cakes are a low fiber carbohydrate source causing no bloat but providing the carbs for my muscles. The Jam again is carbohydrate based and also contains sugars. With regards to water and sodium I drank normally throughout the morning and added some sodium in an hour before I went on stage to allow more water to be absorbed.

Me with my Lean Body Performance Coaches, Alex and Adam

The SHOW itself

As the call came my adrenaline shot up, although my heart was racing as soon as I walked onto the stage it all went away. I felt confident and proud to be on the stage, I could hear my family and coaches all cheering me on in the audience and this was a big boost for me. We held our poses, and performed the walking routines instructed to us. Whilst the judges decided who to bring back for the top 3 they turned the music up and got all the competitors to perform again for the audience. We were then whisked off stage and the top 3 quickly whisked back on stage ! Unfortunately I received no placing in the competition but it wasn’t just about a placing for me. I learnt so much throughout the prep, about myself, the fitness industry and who my true friends and supporters are. I made some great friends backstage that I really hope to stay in touch with. Although I am a competitive person so couldn’t help being slightly disheartened; I will be using that competitiveness to drive me though.

Keep coming back for my future blog posts including: Post Show food & Feelings, Do you really want to compete? and what I’m doing next !

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