Post Show Plans

Hello again, so we approaching the last few blog posts in the Bikini Prep series which I write with sadness and excitement. I am so overwhelmed by the happiness the experience has given me, as I’ve said I’ve learnt tonnes about myself, met some amazing people and I have officially committed to bodybuilding as my future sport and left cross-country behind for now. I’m sad this season is over, but also super excited to work on my future goals.

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Short term Plans

My short term goals are based around health. Being stage lean is not healthy, especially for women. Having such a low body fat percentage can be potentially risky; mainly for your reproductive system and hormones. If your female hormone levels drop too low then it can cause amenorrhea (loss of periods). If this persists for a long period of time it could also affect your bone density and increase the risk of osteoporosis. Therefore over the next four weeks following my last competition my aim is to put on a few essential of pounds to gain some fat mass back and put my body in a healthier state.

Balance, this could be counted as a short term and a long term goal but I want to bring balance back to my life asap. People often ask what I missed most on prep, doughnuts? pizza? burgers? But honestly what I missed was flexibility and balance, I was as balanced as I could be on prep but ultimately you have macros to hit, sleep to get in and training sessions to complete so it’s not exactly balanced. My aim is to get my life balance back, eating nutritious food, going out for meals with friends, sharing meals with people, approaching more of an 80:20 approach (Spoken about previously) and just going out and being a normal 19 year old whilst still enjoying my healthy lifestyle. I also want to move to an intuitive way of eating as I believe if there is no fixed goal which you need to track your food and macros for then you shouldn’t track them.

Long Term Plans

My plans for the future at the moment are to compete again. I love the sport and really want to be on the stage again but bringing a much better package. So far the feedback I have received has related to my size, I’m 19 and have only been strength training for a year, I also come from a running background which has made me a lean individual generally. Therefore I agree with the judges and I understand I need to bring a fuller, more developed figure to the stage.

Investment. That’s my long term plan, to truly invest in my off season and optimise both muscle growth and strength . Yes it does also mean putting on additional fat mass but I am more than happy to do that to give me some additional curves and #bootygains (I’m sorry I had too) My long term goals are not purely aesthetic either, I started strength training to get strong and that Is still what I want to do. I’ve got PRs to hit and smash and that’s a huge goal of mine.

Back in the gym ready to gain some SIZE !


Competitors are known for their post show problems with binging, restricting, and all sorts of other problems going on. The thing I think competitors find difficult especially women is that your not going to look shredded, your abs may fade and your muscles just might not pop as much. For me I’ve obviously had past mental struggles but I honestly have no attachment to having visible abs or a ripped six pack, If your lucky enough to be a healthier weight and still maintain that then good for you but most of us can’t. Abs are not the definition of health or strength and I’t really doesn’t bother me anymore. I am welcoming the additional mass, both fat and muscle.

Summed up.. I want to be HEALTHY and STRONG, they are my post show plans.

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