Do you really want to compete?

So I’ve had time to reflect on my prep and the competition itself and as I’ve had so many questions about competing i thought I would enlighten you as to what it really involves. I’m not trying to put anyone off i just think its important to realise what you’re committing yourself too, Bikini prep isn’t for everyone; if you’re a female who loves lifting weights then that’s great but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should be a bikini competitor. If you do want to compete I hope this helps with your preparation. 

The Cost

First of all this is NOT a cheap sport. It requires you to pay for numerous memberships, products, beauty treatments and travelling.

  • Coach

  • Gym Membership

  • Federation Membership

  • Show Entry Fee

  • Hotel/Transport for the show

  • Posing Workshops

  • Heels

  • Competition Bikini

  • Jewellery

  • Tan

  • Full Body Waxing

  • Professional Make Up (Could do it yourself)

  • Professional Hair (Could do it yourself)


The Sacrifice

Competing does require you to dedicate yourself to getting in condition, yes you can go out with your friends but you can’t eat in restaurants with them, can’t drink alcohol and you may be a little bit too tired to be staying up all night.

  • Socialising

  • You may be tired

  • You may lose your period (amenorrhea)

  • Not living balanced lifestyle

The Time

Time, something we are all short off. Consider your current commitments, full-time job? Studying? Children? Family? If you already have too much on your plate then maybe have  good think about if you have the time to compete. Prepping for a competition puts a great stress on your body physically and psychologically, that’s why I don’t think its the best idea if your stressed out beforehand !

  • You have to get your gym and cardio sessions in, no questions asked

  • You have to have your nutrition on point

  • You have to get enough sleep in (Early bed times)

  • You have to practise posing


Healthy mindset

Many people are now beginning to compete because it’s the ‘in’ thing and is becoming more popular, that is NOT a reason for you to compete.

Everyone competes for different reasons and you should make sure your reasons are positive and will give you the motivation to push yourself.

If you have an unhealthy relationship with food or exercise of any sort (binging, restricting, controlling, over exercising, ect..) A bikini competition will only make them worse and could make you very ill, I would recommend you work on your problems and once you feel more relaxed about food then  think about competing again.

The FUN Bits

I know I’ve made it seem like Bikini prep is negative but that’s not actually what I think. There are so many fun, exciting parts to bikini prep which I loved. I have made lots of friends with similar interests and hopefully we will stay friends for a long time because some of these girls were absolutely amazing.

You get to present your hard work to an audience, get your photo taken and have your family and friends cheering you on in the crowd. Whats not to like?

I learnt a lot about myself during prep and i think many do. You learn what drives you, what motivates you, what your attitude is to training and nutrition and most importantly you learn who your true friends are.

  • Making Friends

  • Showcasing all your hard work to an audience

  • The enjoyment of being on stage

  • Learning about yourself


I hope this post has helped you in your decision about competing, You can see the full BIKINI SERIES here


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