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IMG_4099.JPGNutristrength are a nutrition company that make all their products in the UK and have an emphasis on using only the best ingredients.

There are very few good quality vegan protein bars out there without added sugars and other unnatural ingredients. Nutristrength recently released their protein bars, two of which are vegan and all made with minimal all natural ingredients and kindly sent me some samples to try out. Sometimes when your looking at a protein bar the ingredients list is longer than an essay so its great to be able to read all the ingredients and know exactly what they all are.

The Bars:

Apple & Cinnamon Vegan Protein Slice

If you love your cinnamon you will love this bar, perfectly capturing that winter spice sort of flavour the bar really makes you want to snuggle up next to the fire. The protein slice itself is the most dense of the three and has a chunky feel which I loved as it felt incredibly indulgent.

Ingredients: Dates (37%), Rice Protein (27%), Rice Syrup (22%), Cashew Nuts (12%), Natural Flavouring (1.5%). Cinnamon (0.33%).


Cocoa and Coconut Protein Brownie

Everyone loves a brownie but when it’s deemed a ‘healthy’ brownie you may not be as interested. Nutristrengths protein brownie is very light and fluffy as you would expect a brownie and still chocolaty so your not missing out. 

Ingredients: Dates (32%), Agave Syrup, Whey Protein Isolate (Milk) (19%), Creamed Coconut (14%), Tapioca Flour, Cocoa Powder (3.5%).

Summer Fruits Vegan Protein Boost

It’s fruit galore with the second of the two vegan protein bars. This bar is more of a fruit and nut bar with a chewy consistency and perfectly sweet.

Ingredients: Dates (37%), Rice Protein (27%), Rice Syrup (23%), Cashew Nuts (12%), Natural Flavouring (1.5%).


Overall I really enjoyed the taste of all the bars, they offer a great alternative to unhealthy snack bars loaded with sugar. My only slight criticism was that although they are a ‘protein’ bar 10g protein per bar is still not a huge amount but it’s not bad so I won’t be too picky !

I hope this has helped you decide which bar you will be trying first, let me know what you think !

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