I thought it was time for an update, it’s now 5 Weeks post show (time goes so fast) and I thought I would share how it’s going and what I will be doing going forward.

Physique Update 5 weeks post show

In the last 5 weeks I have intentionally put on 4-5lbs, once my calories increased post show my weight shot up pretty quickly. However I knew I hadn’t significantly over consumed and put the initial increase down to increased glycogen stores and increased water . Since the initial increase, my weight has stabilised more and I’ve seen a more gradual increase. So why I am telling you this? Mainly to reassure anyone who has done a comp or has come off a ‘diet’ that scale weight doesn’t always reflect what’s happening in your body and not to get to worked up about the numbers.

So what have I been doing? If you follow me on social media you may have noticed me using the hashtag #ShredsToStrong and this is what it’s all about. I’ve gone onto a strength phase in my programme as my training is not purely aesthetically driven and I want to be strong. Focussing on Full body strength, power, hypertrophy and accessory days for this training block.

In my offseason I plan to go from ‘shredded’ and stage lean (already no longer the case) to genuinely strong and healthy. I may even get into powerlifting as It’s something i’ve started at uni and really enjoy; if I can get strong enough I would love to compete. I have many goals and PRs that I want to smash over the next year and don’t intend to let the loss of abs affect that. Plus I would take a booty over abs any day !

#ShredsToStrong will be the hashtag I use to share my regular physique updates, training footage and meals that help me gain strength. Feel free to get involved and use the hashtag so I can see how your getting stronger as well.


This journey is more than just lifting heavy weights though. It’s about creating a healthy relationship with both body and mind, learning to love yourself for what you can do and not what you can’t.

There’s a great community out there for people to support you and two of my favourites are the #GirlGains community and the #StrengthFeed community. Never feel alone in your journey, although we all have our own goals we can still help one another out by providing support.

If you have any questions about bikini prep, pre, during or post please comment below or email them to me so I can do a full BIKINI Q&A !

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