Healthy Mind = Healthy Body

In the age of Clean eating, instagram filters and all sorts of ‘healthy lifestyle’ crazes the lines are becoming more and more blurred about what being ‘healthy’ really is. In this weeks blog I will be sharing what I think it means to be healthy and how creating a healthy mind will lead to a healthy body in the long-term. After all no one wants a hot bod for there summer holiday and then another 11 months of guilt and self-hatred !

Health to me. 

80% of the time eating good quality whole food ingredients such as grains, starches, vegetables, meat, dairy and fish.

20% of the time eating less ‘good quality’ more treat foods that are either minimally processed, I’m talking jars of peanut butter… or just plain processed chocolate bars.

Being able to go out for a meal with friends and family and not freak out about not knowing every ingredient in your meal.

Having a ‘relaxed’ meal (NOT CHEAT meal because I hate the term cheat meal) and then being able to leave it there and not binge by following with a healthier meal or snack.

Feeling unwell and NOT forcing yourself to workout and thinking that you will lose all progress and never hit your long-term goals if you don’t workout.


So you go on to my instagram and there are salads, porridge, chicken and veg, some selfies with me tensing my abs and you say well that’s not very 80/20 is it?

Well 80% of the time my meals are healthy and that’s why I post them, our instagram feeds are highlights not every single thing that I do or I eat is documented. Most of what I eat is pretty wholesome because there the foods I enjoy and they make my body feel good. When I eat and drink well I have clear skin, I can focus more and I sleep better. I do also share my treat foods sometimes but there often not as aesthetically pleasing and I often eat them when I’m out with friends or family so I’m not as snap happy. My favourite treats are giant flex bowls, a good frozen yoghurt bar with all the toppings and nut butter flavoured anything.

Let’s talk about selfies, when I wake up in the morning, go the toilet and have nothing in my stomach my body looks fairly good all ready for that selfie, after the gym a little pump in the glutes or shoulders and again your photo ready. So all those pictures you see are again highlights, no issue with it just a fact.

Creating the healthy mindset

If you’ve read about my fitness journey it will be obvious that I haven’t always had a healthy mindset and that was down to lack of knowledge, pressure from social media and ultimately a lack of self esteem. I also compete in Bikini fitness which you may think would prevent you from having a healthy mindset but for me it made me have a better relationship with food all ready for my offseason.

  1. Food is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’
  2. Moderation is key
  3. All or Nothing is not the way forward
  4. Life happens, throws you offplan and that’s ok
  5. Everyone has bad days, gets tired and wants to curl up in a ball and sleep


Problem-Solution Scenarios

  • P- I used to eat doughnuts but now I eat clean so I can’t have one
  • S- If you can’t face it start by sharing a doughnut with a friend or a family member in a fun environment. Allow yourself to realise you did not ‘get fat’ or ruin your progress after eating that half a doughnut and next time try a whole one. Thus Eliminating the fear food.
  • P- I went out for lunch eat too much, then thought screw it and had a big dinner as I was already ‘off plan’ I went crazy and had dessert. Tomorrows still the weekend why not just write it off?
  • S- This is approaching the all or nothing issue, So yes you’ve got a little carried away but that doesn’t mean writing off the weekend, quit whilst your ahead and see the next day as an opportunity to start with a lighter more nutritious breakfast, go for a nice walk, drink plenty of water and don’t worry about what happened the day before because it was a one off.
  • P- Your exhausted, feeling run down but you’ve scheduled 5 workouts this week, you’ve only done 2 and its Friday.
  • S- First of all maybe you should have been more realistic with your time commitments for that week. If time has just got away from you don’ freak out. You have a few options, a workout may help reduce your stress levels and clear your head, just opt for a quick 15 minute HITT session or have another rest day and schedule in 2x workouts for the weekend but don’t beat yourself up over missing a few workouts that week and don’t feel the need to catch up and do a million workouts the following week.


So lets wrap up creating a healthy mindset is all about approaching your lifestyle with MODERATION; don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on enjoying your life but with your health in mind also. I would say it’s about ‘balance’ but I feel that word is being slightly overused at the moment so moderation seems more appropriate. Creating a healthier mind will hopefully allow you to remove some of the unwanted stress and pressure that we all put on ourselves. Ultimately less stress and a happier mind will improve how our bodies function and will hopefully lead to a healthier BODY.

Leisha x

If you’ve enjoyed this post please comment or get in touch ! If you think someone needs to read this share it with them !

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