Why do we eat more and gain more weight at Christmas

Most adults between the age of 18-49 gain 1-2 pounds of weight a year. Over the course of a year people gain weight and loose weight, however during the ‘holiday’ season an adult will averagely gain 1 pound. So why do we eat more and gain more weight at Christmas?


1.Social Pressure

  • Everyone feels they can relax with their eating habits in the holidays influencing everyone else to feel they should ‘relax’
  • The trick is to indulge a little but don’t allow every meal for the whole of december to be ‘relaxed’, moderation is key.

    2. More Social Occasions

  • Other people influence how we eat as it provides a ‘norm’ for appropriate behaviour
  • We eat more in a group than we would alone
  • Quite simply there’s way more parties and lots more events to go to, there will be food, drink and it probably won’t be healthy
  • Again try picking the healthier options at events, watch your drink and again exercise moderation 

    3.See it, Eat it

  • A time where the buffets are out and theres always a plate of snacks on offer
  • Buffets cause us to overeat, overeating releases opitates which block the pain of overeating so you can continue to eat and the overconsumption continues
  • Think of it like this, if it wasnt there would you eat it? are you actually hungry?

    4.‘Tradition’ and emotional attachment

  • If Grandma makes mince pies you eat them, simple as that, but these emotional pressures can escalate and soon you’ve eaten Grandmas whole chocolate cake
  • Traditions, yes when you were younger you may have eaten a whole terry chocolate orange before breakfast but it doesn’t mean you have to keep that Tradition… 

    5.Loss of routine

  • With time off work you probably don’t make good quality pack lunches that your used to
  • Increased stress from rushing around sorting Christmas presents and Christmas day leaves you nibbling at the biscuit tin
  • More time travelling means your in less control of your food and your exercise regime is thrown off
  • Don’t give yourself such a hard time, try to limit your stress and get organised early. Get the family involved in winter walks and outdoor activities to keep you all active over the holidays.

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