Will I Compete Again?

Hello Everyone, for those of you new to my blog I am a ‘bikini athlete’ and last year competed in Bikini Fitness for UKBFF. The whole blog series can be found here.

So I officially finished my ‘Bikini season’ at the end of September 2016 and commenced with my reverse diet, entering into a calorie surplus. I have been in a calorie surplus or ‘bulking’ as some people might call it for just over 5 months.

I’ve gained a lot of strength, some size and there’s definitely been some muscle added as well as a some fat which is inevitable and perfectly healthy.

Now for my most frequently asked question, when are you competing? As much as I loved it last year and can’t wait to compete again, I’m giving it another year (2018) until I compete. This is to allow me to gain the size and muscle mass required to be more competitive. My main feedback from my last shows were that although my definition was good, I just lacked size. I took this as great constructive criticism and at the time I hadn’t even been lifting weights properly for a year so it was a very fair observation.

So what’s the plan?

Next week (March 13th) I will be starting my first mini cut and entering into a calorie deficit. The purpose of mini cuts is to lose a bit of excess fat so that you can continue to grow and build in an offseason without gaining too much fat mass. Otherwise when you decide to prep for a show again you end up with a horrendously long arduous prep trying to get rid of a lot of body fat that you’ve gained.

I have a goal with my first mini cut though and that’s to get some photo shoots done. I love training but I always need to be in pursuit of a goal to really give me a real fire in my belly !

I’m excited to challenge myself once again and also see what I look like a few pounds lighter but with more muscle mass than last year. Nothing about my mini cut will be extreme as neither me or my coaches, Alex and Adam (Team LBP) believe that’s a healthy approach. I will merely be bringing back my calories and adding in a couple of cardio sessions a week on top of my resistance sessions. I will still be fuelling my training adequately and focussing on good wholesome foods as I do normally.

Apart for the clear colour of my skin (I miss being tannned) These pictures show a significant weight and muscle increase, and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in the last 5 months. 

September 2016> March 2017

My everyday routine and habits will still continue, such as drinking 2-3L water a day, drinking my green tea, getting sufficient sleep but also still being social and not abandoning my life !

That’s my current update and I will keep you all posted with how the mini cuts going, any questions always feel free to get in touch on my social media, by commenting or send me and email @

September 2016> March 2017

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