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It’s officially spring and it’s getting warmer so it’s time to get outdoors and get fit, no need to force yourself to go into the gym or do exercise you don’t enjoy. In this blog I will be sharing loads of ideas on how to get fit outdoors and have fun, involve the family, your kids and your friends this year!

  • Assault course

This year I took part in the UK Running Events Inflatable 5K and it was so much fun, you forget about the running by focussing on the obstacles, it’s funny and great to do in groups. A full video is on all my social media, here and here.

I plan on doing more in the future but there are loads out there from Pretty Mudder to tough mudder and even water wipeout ones.

  • Fun Run (Colour run)

Get involved in a Fun Run, the Park Run is a great organisation that run free timed 5Ks every week so you can watch yourself improve; Or inject some colour into your life with neon dye being thrown into the air as you run along with blaring music to make it even more fun during the colour run.


  • Bootcamps

There are all sorts of bootcamps being run across your country, in local parks, schools and any outdoor space people can get their hands on, give it a google and find your nearest one. 

  • Sports

Everyone loves a bit of camaraderie so why not get involved with a sport, something you used to play or something brand new. You could try football, netball, tennis, hockey, cricket, volleyball anything local club are always looking for new recruits both young and old.

  • Online Outdoor workouts

There are so many great youtubers and social influencers that provide great workouts that require no equipment and can be done anywhere, some even involve your kids. Just a few examples are Tally Rye and HannahandFitness .

Heres a HITT workout I shared on my Facebook page:

HITT workout !

40x Mountain Climbers
10x Squat to Jump Lunges
15x Squat Jumps
10x Push Up to Plank Jack
20x Plank Rocks
10x Burpees

3 Rounds, rest for 1-2mins in between rounds

  • Bike Rides

Nothing beats a bike round round a beautiful country park or reservoir, get a group of you to go down one day, take a picnic for afterwards, enjoy the outdoors and embrace the cyclist in you. 

  • Hiking

You can’t go wrong with a good hike, whether its near by or you have to travel to a national park there are many trails in the UK you just need to do your research. Pack your bag, some good walking boots and start climbing !

  • Walking and Rambling

You may think that rambling and walking is for older individuals but you couldn’t be more wrong, walking can be a great form of exercise or active recovery. Joining a rambling club just adds an extra bit of group participations and you get to meet new people too. Most groups are easy enough to find online and adding a couple of walks into your weekly routine can really make a difference to your overall health.


I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration to get outside, if you have any questions or need some more ideas get in touch via the contact me page or any of my social media, I love hearing from you !

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