A Week In The Life Of A Triathlete

2015 Rimini ETU Challenge Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships

I am so excited to share this blog with you all because it’s written by one of the most inspirational women I know, my sister. Tania is a triathlete who gives 110% in every aspect of her life so you can imagine she’s no different when it comes to her sport. She was a strong swimmer as a child and then became a very good runner in her early 20s which lead her to join a triathlon team in 2013. Since then she has gone on to represent Team GB in the middle distance European championships, completed a half iron man in the UK and the full iron man in western Sydney as she emigrated to Australia two years ago. Enough from me here is what Tania had to say:

I’m no blogger, nor would I class myself as ‘fitspo’ so when my little sister (@leishamulveyfit) asked if I would write for her blog I was honoured. How to introduce myself though? I guess I’m a bit of an exercise addict, I loves to swim (sometimes), bike and run.  

Ironically, as I tried to find the motivation to write, I sat and questioned my motivation to train. The last few weeks have been hard, with long working weeks and Winter in Sydney being a lot colder than you would expect, I have found the same questions crossing my mind:

Why am I even doing this? – you’re rubbish

Do I even enjoy this? – my legs hurt 

Have I lost my mojo? – you’re so slow

By most peoples standard I am none of these and people that know me would say that I am extremely self motivated and driven. So what’s happened? 

After a weekend of racing it seemed appropriate to take a recovery week and a less active weekend to recharge. For me, these questions only crop up when I have been over-training and my body is fatigued. I’m pretty terrible at integrating rest days into my training but appreciate that sometimes less is more! At times we get so caught up in trying to achieve goals, race and train harder and faster, we forget the impact we are putting on our bodies and our minds. 

This week I’ve been mindful of how I’ve been currently feeling and taken two rest days (missing a morning ride, swim and a long ride over the weekend). Instead, I have made a conscious effort to stretch everyday, been to two Yoga sessions (@thehummingpuppy – recommended if you are ever visiting Sydney) and taken a relaxing walk around the local park. 

It’s crazy how those couple of extra days rest have left me feeling super motivated to get back on the bike in the morning. I checked out my training log for the last few weeks and recorded my upcoming races in @trainingpeaks to reset my goals and get me back on track.


Before the build to Ironman New Zealand (March 18), I’ll be enjoying a trip back to the UK and a few more weeks of less structured training before refocusing on the next few races and events (see below for my upcoming races and events). For now, a standard training week might include about 10-12 hours of swim, bike and run:  

  • Monday AM – Recovery ride – 1 – 1.30hrs
  • Monday PM – Lunch Run – Easy 6km 


  • Tuesday AM – Hills Ride – 1.30hrs
  • Tuesday PM – Running Club – between 10-16km


  • Wednesday – Recovery / Swim


  • Thursday AM – Ride with friends ~40km 
  • Thursday PM – Lunch / Evening Run ~10km 


  • Friday AM – Easy coffee ride ~40km 
  • Friday PM – Run or Swim (occasionally) 


  • Saturday AM – Long Ride (hilly) – 3-4hrs
  • Sunday AM – Either ~70km ride (flat) or a longer run 16-20km

Upcoming Races and Events: 


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