How to Go About Getting A Boob Job

Hey Guys, So after 4 years of wanting a breast augmentation it’s finally happening and I’m taking you with me !

So here’s how to go about getting a boob job !

Things first do your research. Talk to people that you know that have had them done, maybe message some people online if you know they’ve had it done and google some companies and READ. Personally I looked two main companies one was called MYA and the other was the Harley Medical Group. Personally I chose the Harley medical group because I just thought they had a bit more experience, there were a few more consultations involved and for me it just worked better.

Then theres a few things you need to start thinking about for your implants. So there are two main TYPES of implants; you’ve got the round breast implants and the teardrop breast implants. A round breast implant basically gives you a bit more cleavage and fullness to the breast; whereas a teardrop implant gives a more natural look however this can actually be a bit more expensive sometimes so that may be something you need to consider. 

Then you’ve got your PROFILES. There are two main profiles which are low profile and high-profile. The low profile implants are wider and there is less projection from the chest compared to a high-profile implant which has a narrower base and projects more from the chest giving a more prominent cleavage.

Another key decision is going to be WHERE you want your implants be, over the muscle subglandular or under the muscle submuscular. Having your implants under the muscle is more important if you have smaller breasts to begin with because it can make you look a bit more natural instead of having two big domes stuck on your chest. Having an implant under the muscle also gives a more natural look in general as it produces more of a slope to the upper proportion of the breast which is how natural breasts are. However your boobs will actually move with muscular contraction because it is under the muscle. The main benefits of having a subglandular placement or above the muscle surgery is that it is less painful and the implants will not move with muscle contraction.

I really recommend going to the clinic and having a consultation and asking loads of questions about them. Some of my questions were things like would I be able to breastfeed in the future?  How long is recovery? How long do the implants last? What are the risks?

Now technically I could just give you the answers that I was given two years but I am not a qualified by surgeon so I’d rather you went and got some proper advice from experts.

So I hope this is just giving you a few things you can think about before you go to a consultation,

1) The Shape – round or teardrop

2) The Profile – high or low 

3) Positioning- having the implant over under the muscle.

I’ve also just launched my Youtube channel so I will kicking off with my BOOB JOB SERIES. 


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