Breast Surgery, The Reality !

Hey guys so obviously there wasn’t a lot of footage from my day in surgery and that’s mainly because as soon as I came out of surgery I was in so much pain; I couldn’t really talk or think and I definitely couldn’t hold a camera. So everything went as planned and the surgery was fine but as soon as I came out I was in absolute agony it’s the most painful thing I have ever experienced.

So I’m writing this on Sunday (3 days post Op). The day of surgery I couldn’t move my arms, get up, sit down easily or function. The second day I woke up and again I needed help getting out of bed after sleeping upright and in my surgical bra from macom. I couldn’t move my arms much and I was in a lot of pain despite taking muscle relaxants and pain killers. It’s essential you have someone to help you, my mum dressed me, fed me, helped me move, picked things up and had to brush my hair ect.. I also felt nauseous so eating was difficult but essential for recovery; so basically I ate toast. I am also drinking through a straw as a glass is too heavy. Friday was a little better with more movement and my mum was able to wash me, I could wash my lower half and use a flannel on my top half, you can’t get the dressings wet for at least a week. The weekend has been much better, more movement, less pain and I went outside and walked about a bit; it’s important not to overdo it but it was great to just move.

Another not so pleasant side effect of all this sitting, not moving and swelling is abdominal swelling. My stomach has swollen up so I look about 4 months pregnant, so that makes you feel really great… NOT. I have been told this is completely normal and should go by 7-10 days post op.

I just think the key thing to remember is that going under the muscle is a lot more painful than over the muscle because you are stretching the muscle.  Initially I was worried that they weren’t the size I wanted them to be and they were too small but the surgeon said that they grow as your muscle stretches a bit more and the term ‘drop and fluff’ is used quite a lot. So I’ve got to be patient.

But I’m gonna keep you guys update on here and on youtube as I start moving more, stretching, foam rolling and eventually getting into training. As always any questions ask!



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