2 weeks post boobs a

Boob Job- 2 weeks Post OP

Hello again, so it’s been 2 WEEKS since I had my boob job and it feels like forever ago. So here I am with the latest update post my 2 week check up.


  • So the best bit of even being 1 week post op is that you get to shower. Even 2 weeks later I am still getting the blue pen the surgeon used off of me. At first I had to turn down the pressure of my shower as it was a bit harsh on my very fragile boobs, but slowly the I’m increasing the water pressure. Washing your hair is still a bit difficult as you can’t exactly get stuck in but it’s possible.


  • 2 weeks post op is when they say you can start driving again, so I have. I will be honest turning the steering wheel a lot can cause discomfort but it’s not the end of the world. The seat belts also not that comfortable.


  • I can finally sleep lower and not virtually horizontally. Less pillows means it’s easier for your body to shut down and actually sleep.


  • I’ve got back into work this week and by work I mean Sitting on my laptop or working in an office doing paperwork, nothing labour intensive or physically demanding.


  • Movement gets a little easier each day, better arm movement and less pain with that movement. Also for those of you that have asked the doctor says to wait 2 weeks before any sexual intercourse occurs (sounds so formal when said like that), but as long as your comfortable and not in pain then going for it few days earlier won’t do any harm. No bouncing of any kind for 12 weeks though, so yes no trampolining people !


  • Exercise is still off the cards for another 4 weeks (6 weeks in total) but I’m going on daily walks to keep my body and mind active.


  • I’m healing really well and all my dressing are off now, the stitches are dissolvable and dissolve between 4-6weeks and then there will be a neat little scar under each boob.

At this stage there’s not a lot else I can tell you, but I will keep you updated on here and on my Youtube so keep coming back !



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