A foodie Guide to NEW YORK CITY

I’m very excited to be sharing all my foodie highlights of New York with you. I firmly believe that going on holiday means you should be more flexible with your diet and enjoy the foods your destination offers. However I still like to keep things fairly balanced and get in all the healthy stuff as well as the treats.

Bagels – Bagel & Schmear

Kips Bay

Smoked Salmon + Cream Cheese Bagel

Some days we just wanted a quick grab and go breakfast so we could commence with our sightseeing nice and early, this bagel store was unreal from multiple types of bagels to dozens of toppings. As a smoked salmon lover I had to choose the smoked salmon and cream cheese special and it’s safe to say this bagel was huge and kept us full for a long time. 

Healthy Vegan- By Chloe

Chain, Largest at Rockerfella Centre

Who doesn’t love a healthy lunch? We visited this place multiple times and were still overwhelmed by how good the food was. I am not a vegan, but this place could convert anyone. I highly recommend everyone to try the artichoke dip, you will not regret it !

Ultimate Salad Bar- Wholefoods

Chain, Largest at Columbus Circle

Wholefoods in London is great, but Wholefoods in New York is on another level. You can stop by and grab a box and fill it up with all sorts of goodness with hot and cold salad bars its like the ultimate salad pick and mix, with meat, vegetarian and vegan options. I also recommend you take a trip to the freezers because they have millions of flavours of healthy low calorie ice cream such as Halo Top. We tried flavours like oatmeal cookie, cookies and cream, pancakes and waffle, candy bar and s’mores whilst we were there. 

Healthy Brunch- Bluestone Cafe


Everyone loves a brunch place and no one loves them more than a health blogger. With Bluestone cafes all over New York there is no excuse to miss this one. All the food was absolutely beautiful as well as super tasty. We opted for the ‘brekkie board’ which gives you a half portion of avo on toast and a half portion of granola and greek yoghurt along with the toasted banana bread. 

Best pancakes Ever- Bubbys



These are the best Pancakes I have ever tasted and were enormous. Here you get two types of pancakes, you can choose the ‘James Beard’ buttermilk pancakes or the sourdough pancakes. I absolutely loved the caramelised banana and toasted walnut pancakes and their apple juice was also amazing, so I highly recommend it to get your American pancake fix. 

Build your own Burgers- The Counter

Times Square


I have to admit I do love a good chicken burger and whats better than building your own, here you get a little piece of paper on your table with a tick sheet on so you just create your burger with that. Simple but a great Idea, and you also get to be right in the middle of the action at times square. 

Awesome Pizza- Vezzo 

Kips Bay

This was initially a ‘we’re hungry and tired what’s close to the hotel stop’ but it did not disappoint. We had a garlic bread and bruschetta starter, both delicious but huge portions so I would recommend only getting 1 between 2 people ! Then the pizza came out with a really nice thin base and delicious toppings. Again the pizzas are large so share, service was also very friendly here.

Mexican- El Centro

Hells Kitchen

We love Mexican at home and we fancied a change from Pizza and burgers so we went and had some delicious Mexican food. This place had a really cool vibe and was really vibrant, as soon as we were seated we were given water and some nachos and dips (which were free btw) and then we ordered some enchiladas which came in scary looking green sauce but actually tasted incredible. I also highly recommend the frozen Margaritas here, especially on a hot day.

Donuts- The Donut Pub

Greenwhich Village


I’m not a massive donut fan to be honest, but this place had some incredible variations and also had cronuts (Croissant Donuts) so we did try some, If your into your bakeries then hit up this place !

We didn’t have one bad meal whilst in New York but we put it down to prior planning of many restaurants and cafes. It’s not as easy to stumble upon areas of restaurants as it is in the UK so having a rough idea of where you want to eat or whats close is a good idea. Also most places give you water free and automatically so don’t buy water at the restaurants. Another thing we noticed that was a lot of cafes only took Card and not cash, luckily I had put some of my dollars onto a cash passport when I exchanged my money so I would advise that also, take a look HERE

I hoped you enjoyed this blog, there is more New York blogs coming and also you can find more travel blogs here >> TRAVEL

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