Osteoporosis 1


So you may wonder why I’m even talking about osteoporosis I’m 22 and osteoporosis concerns more elderly people. Well recently my eyes have been opened.

Did you know on average your bone mass/strength/density increases from ages 0-30 then plateaus between 30-40 years old and then declines from there. So now is the time I need to be ensuring I do as much as possible to increase my bone density as much as possible to give me the best possible chance of avoiding osteoporosis.


  • Being a Woman
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol excessively 
  • Have a family history of broken bones or osteoporosis
  • Have broken a bone after age 50
  • Had surgery to remove their ovaries before their periods stopped
  • Early menopause
  • Calcium and/or vitamin D deficiencies
  • Take certain medications, including medicines for arthritis and asthma and some cancer drugs
  • Have a small body frame
  • Anorexia, low caloric intake and amenorrhea

Osteoporosis 1

So what are we going to do?!

  1. We are going to supplement our diet with vitamin D all year round ! (Most people don’t get enough Vitamin D)
  2. We are going to increase our calcium intake or supplement it.
  3. We are going to do varied resistance training involving weight bearing exercise. Different reps, sets, exercises and movement patterns.
  4. We are going to avoid under-nutrition, particularly the effects of severe weight-loss diets and eating disorders
  5. Finally we are going to STOP Smoking and avoid heavy drinking !

So please think about this even if you are young because you want be the strongest healthiest version of yourself for the longest amount of time !

Osteoporosis 2


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