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Oatein have kindly gifted me some of their products to honestly review so let’s do it ! Oatein is a British Brand that combine oats and protein to create delicious healthy snacks.

Oats are are staple in my diet as they are a great source of Low GI Carbohydrates, fibre and they are rich in antioxidants. Protein is super important for muscles and overall health which I tell you about all the time, see: Protein isn’t just for bodybuilders !

So they sent me their cookies, brownies, flapjacks and millionaire crunch bars.

Millionaire crunch (Salted Caramel)

Taste: Super delicious ! Creamy caramel flavours that taste like a proper treat, the chocolate is slightly bitter as it is vegan but I loved them.

Texture: Super crunchy biscuity base, soft caramel layer, nice smooth chocolate layer, so what more could you want.

Macros: 15g Protein + 215 Cals

Overall: I highly recommend these, they are so tasty and they genuinely taste like a dessert with the added health benefits of the product. My favourite is the salted caramel flavour so go get your hands on these !

Cookies (Oat and raisin cookie)

Taste: Strong oatmeal taste with some nice raisins !

Texture: Crumbly and soft like a cookie

Macros: 17g Protein + 300 Cals. Quite high calories so I had this as my breakfast and I also shared half of another one with the boyfriend.

Overall: Really nice cookie, I could easily eat this as a snack anytime of day.

Flapjacks (Strawberry Cheesecake)

Taste: Definitely tasted of Strawberry.

Texture: So I didn’t love the flapjack texture, it was not like a flapjack at all really, very powdery.

Macros: 18g Protein + 246 Cals

Overall: A solid snack with a good amount of protein in.

Brownies (Cookies & Creme)

Taste:  The chips in it are so good and the taste is nice too, happy to substitute this for a healthier snack.

Texture: It’s like a very dense brownie, protein brownies are never going to be light and fluffy like the real thing.

Macros: 17g Protein + 250 Cals

Overall: It’s not a real brownie but it’s still a tasty one and actually gives you a good amount of protein to keep you full and satisfied.

So overall I am loving the Oatein products and I would stock up on those Millionaire Crunch bars, I haven’t had any other products like it and I LOVE THEM ! One of my favourite protein products on the market. 

I have linked their website HERE and they also do lots of great offers so you really get value for money.

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