Rome 3 Day Itinerary

Rome is known for being one of the most romantic cities in Europe, and I certainly fell in love with it. I loved going in January when it was quieter but also nice and crisp and sunny. All the Christmas lights were still up and everywhere you go in Rome you stumble upon incredible buildings and amazing restaurants. I think this itinerary covered everything you can see in Rome in the main. If we had an extra day we would have done a day trip to Pompeii so that would be my suggestion to you.

Any questions, please ask away !

There is also a youtube video of on our time in Rome: Video Link





General Tips

We went in January and it was perfect, not too busy, chilly but blue skies and sunshine. Also cheaper, so I highly recommend January in Rome !

We are also both vegetarians and didn’t find it hard to find veggie food so no worries on that front !

What to wear in January, definitely wear a coat and a thin jumper, no need for scarves or gloves really. We walked everywhere so we stayed fairly warm. 

Breakfast is a weird one, we didn’t have it included in our hotel so we tried to find it but they only really do coffee and croissants. I’m not a pastry gal and couldn’t find anything like scrambled eggs on toast or yoghurt. So I personally would have my breakfast at the hotel, continental style. 


We went Friday 10th-Mon 13th January 2020, everything was booked well in advance (5 Months) and we only took small hand luggage bags.

  • Flights & 4* Hotel = £275
  • Tickets = £135
  • Euros Taken for Food = €300
  • = £710 for the long weekend or £355 each

There is also a youtube video of on our time in Rome: Video Link


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