Will I Compete Again?

Hello Everyone, for those of you new to my blog I am a ‘bikini athlete’ and last year competed in Bikini Fitness for UKBFF. The whole blog series can be found here. So I officially finished my ‘Bikini season’ at the end of September 2016 and commenced with my reverse diet, entering into a calorie […]


I thought it was time for an update, it’s now 5 Weeks post show (time goes so fast) and I thought I would share how it’s going and what I will be doing going forward. In the last 5 weeks I have intentionally put on 4-5lbs, once my calories increased post show my weight shot […]

Do you really want to compete?

So I’ve had time to reflect on my prep and the competition itself and as I’ve had so many questions about competing i thought I would enlighten you as to what it really involves. I’m not trying to put anyone off i just think its important to realise what you’re committing yourself too, Bikini prep […]

Post Show Plans

Hello again, so we approaching the last few blog posts in the Bikini Prep series which I write with sadness and excitement. I am so overwhelmed by the happiness the experience has given me, as I’ve said I’ve learnt tonnes about myself, met some amazing people and I have officially committed to bodybuilding as my […]

Show Day

I can’t believe I’m writing my show day blog post, this prep has gone so quickly and now it’s over any ‘tough’ times have escaped my memory. In this blog I will be sharing exactly what show day entails and what happened on the stage. Day’s Events 6am Wake Up 6:05-6:20am Shower + Body Scrub […]

Peak Week

So this week was Peak Week and both My coaches and I planned everything to the minute details. It’s important to remember everyone’s peak week is different and personal to you, for me I needed to ensure I fill up my muscles at the end of the week to look full as I have a […]

Full Day of eating & Show Day Essentials

So were already 2 weeks out from my first ever bikini comp. Although some people may think I’ve had it easy getting lean I’ve had my own struggles. My struggles have been knowing when to stop getting lean, how lean is too lean? How to round out my shoulders more ect… It’s all mind games, prep can be […]

Bikini Prep 6 – Curveballs and Changes

  At 4 weeks out I knew I really needed to get my pose on, having been to one of Joanna’s group sessions I knew she would be able to give me some great tips one to one. I Met her down in brum for a session where she gave me poses that suited my […]

Bikini Prep 5- Cardio & Update

Bikini Prep 5- Cardio & Update- The Research Project So here’s an update for all of you who are following my Bikini journey. I am writing this 6 weeks into my prep and 10 weeks out from my competition. So far I have lost about 4lbs so as I have previously said I am loosing […]

Bikini Prep 4- Diet- The Research Project

A diet? Me? I haven’t been on any sort of diet or been in a calorie deficit since at least 2 years ago when I recovered from my Eating disorder. Despite a diet being a new challenge I’m ready to tackle this head on with lots of great strategies I will be sharing with you. […]