Boob Job- 2 weeks Post OP

Hello again, so it’s been 2 WEEKS since I had my boob job and it feels like forever ago. So here I am with the latest update post my 2 week check up. Showering So the best bit of even being 1 week post op is that you get to shower. Even 2 weeks later […]

Breast Surgery, The Reality !

Hey guys so obviously there wasn’t a lot of footage from my day in surgery and that’s mainly because as soon as I came out of surgery I was in so much pain; I couldn’t really talk or think and I definitely couldn’t hold a camera. So everything went as planned and the surgery was […]

How to Go About Getting A Boob Job

Hey Guys, So after 4 years of wanting a breast augmentation it’s finally happening and I’m taking you with me ! So here’s how to go about getting a boob job ! Things first do your research. Talk to people that you know that have had them done, maybe message some people online if you […]