Valentines Breakfasts

This Week 13-19th February 2017 it was Valentines Week. The week that people express their love, but it’s not just about loving your partner, it’s about loving your friends, family and most importantly yourself ! That’s why all week I shared Breakfast recipes and ideas along with 1 thing I love. Here’s an Overview of … More Valentines Breakfasts

Guest Post: Banoffee Pancakes (@_HannahEats)

Stackurday ft Banoffee pancakes! I LOVE Saturdays because they mean one thing; pancakes! What is better than a nice, big fluffy stack of pancakes? Well for me, nothing! However, I like to keep my pancakes nice and healthy and packed full of protein rather than making the traditional (yet still yummy) calorie laden recipes. This … More Guest Post: Banoffee Pancakes (@_HannahEats)

Broccoli Bread

I wanted a Low carb snack that I could eat for breakfast, lunch or a snack. I wanted something sweet but could also be savoury and this is what I made. A scary green looking log. However this green log not only tastes great; it has amazing macros, so don’t judge a book (or bread) … More Broccoli Bread

Mug Cake

Here’s a step by step guide to the perfect Mug Cake everytime ! This recipe can be tailored to your needs, need more carbs? Add more oats. Need more protein? Add more protein powder ! Ingredients 40g Oats (40-60g is the sweet spot) 1 Scoop Protein Powder 1 egg FlavDrops Method: Add Oats to your … More Mug Cake

Baked Oats

Basically Cake for Breakfast, a snack or dessert ! Recipe: 5og Oats 1 Scoop Whey 1 Egg 1 Banana Method: Whisk the egg Add the egg, oats, whey and liquid of choice (water or milk) to a bowl and stir until fully combined Either grease a tin, use a non stick dish or a silicone … More Baked Oats

Cauliflower Porridge

This is a low carb super filling porridge option for those who want large volume for minimal calories ! Recipe 1 tub of cauliflower rice (330g) 200ml Almond Milk FlavDrops 1 Scoop Whey (optional) 1/2 mashed banana Choice of toppings: 1/2 banana & dessicated coconut Method: Either buy your cauliflower rice or cut the florets of … More Cauliflower Porridge