Rome 3 Day Itinerary

Rome is known for being one of the most romantic cities in Europe, and I certainly fell in love with it. I loved going in January when it was quieter but also nice and crisp and sunny. All the Christmas lights were still up and everywhere you go in Rome you stumble upon incredible buildings […]

New York 5 Day Itinerary

Everyone knows that when you go to New York there’s a lot to do and not a lot of time, so I went with a rough plan and an Itinerary. Personally I’m not a massive museum fan so we only went to one, but this itinerary really worked for us and we loved every minute […]

A foodie Guide to NEW YORK CITY

I’m very excited to be sharing all my foodie highlights of New York with you. I firmly believe that going on holiday means you should be more flexible with your diet and enjoy the foods your destination offers. However I still like to keep things fairly balanced and get in all the healthy stuff as […]

Aussie East Coast Healthy Eats

I was lucky enough to travel down the east Coast for a few weeks. I didn’t have long so I only went to a few places but here are my top finds all the way from Cairns to Coffs Harbour. I will start North and work my way down the coast. 2 Fish Restaurant – […]

Sydney’s Healthy Brunch Spots

Australia is famous for its brunch and most importantly its healthy brunches. As a brunch addict it was the perfect place for me, so my trip was one very long brunch crawl. In the first blog of a series of Australian blogs I’m telling you the best healthy brunch spots in Sydney. Sydney is filled […]

Healthy Thailand Travelling Guide

Last Summer I went travelling around Thailand, I wanted to throw myself into the travelling experience and make the most of it but still keep my fitness up and eat well. This blog is all about how I kept fit, some great foodie places in Thailand and how to embrace the experience. A few things […]