Welcome to your 12 Week COMMIT TO YOU Training Plan

On Demand Classes you can do anywhere, anytime to Commit to your health, fitness & wellbeing

Before you get stuck into your workouts please have a little read through so you get the best out of your 12 weeks. All the workouts include a warm up, the workout and finally a cool down. If you wish to warm up further then please use the two warm up’s provided. You have also been provided with a full nutrition guide, this will help you get the results you want from your 12 weeks. Download the Progress PDF this allows you to keep track of your progress through the 12 weeks and keeps you accountable.

Nutrition Guide

Here is your Nutrition blueprint.

Progress PDF

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Warm Ups


WEEK 1 & 3

WEEK 2 & 4

CONGRATULATIONS ! You have completed weeks 1-4. This is a great time to reflect on the last four weeks, and see what you want to improve for the next four weeks.