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It's time to take care of you

LM FIT Acknowledges everyone is an individual who requires bespoke programming to achieve their goals. It’s time to boost your confidence, feel better and get stronger.


Download my top 10 hacks to lose fat.
Super simple steps that will help you lose stubborn belly fat without starving yourself or having to weigh your food.

Online coaching
Personal Training

Get long lasting results that you want. Execute movements, minimise injury and maximise progress.


Learn how to fuel your body and eat a well balanced diet to achieve your goals.

Sports Massage

A deep tissue treatment focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue; relieving pain and improving recovery from exercise.


Online coaching

Online Personal Training is a new and exciting way to offer Fitness Coaching and help people with their goals. It can be utilised by anyone, anywhere in the world. Online coaching offers convenience, responsiveness, flexibility and affordability. 

Personal Training

LM FIT will conduct an initial analysis taking all factors into account. You will then be guided through a bespoke training and nutrition programme; which includes your training inside and outside the gym, your diet and your lifestyle, complemented by outstanding support.

sports massage

Sports Massage is a deep tissue massage that focuses on the deeper layer of muscle tissue. Sports Massage uses many massage techniques such as Deep Tissue Massage, Soft Tissue Release, Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Therapy. As well as more specific techniques such as NMT’s and MET’s. 

What Our clients say

Leisha is a brilliant personal trainer she really cares about her clients and puts lots of effort in to what they need so they get the results they're after. If there's anything you need she is always there to help.

Kerry Greenfield

Leisha offers more than just an hours exercise, she is also teaching me life long skills and habits, she is regularly in contact to keep me accountable. Leisha’s is always there with motivational words, a confidence boost and open arms.

Josie Kennedy

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