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Leisha will now begin programming your individualised sessions & nutrition, and any other protocols she deems beneficial to you. To be able to do this please fill out all of the paperwork below. I know paperwork is boring but It is all very important and essential. The 4 forms will take 10-20 mins max.

Please ensure you book your sessions in early to guarantee times that suit you best, always book a Pre-paid membership session via the booking system. If you wish to book additional sessions on top of your memberships you can do this HERE and select Pay as you go Session.

Thank you and we are excited to have you working with us !

  • Fill out your LM FIT Questionnaire
  • Read & Sign the Liability Waiver
  • Read & Sign the PAR-Q
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Members area

The members area is full of walkthroughs and great educational content so you get the best out of your membership with LM FIT. If their is anything you want to see in the members are let me know, it is regularly added to and updated.

Here is the password: LMFITTIES123

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Leisha is contactable to all her clients at all time, and aims to respond to all messages within 24 hours. However if you ask her a question at 2am she will 100% be asleep, but will reply first thing in the morning.

Email:  Text/Whatsapp: 07446098750

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Wootton, Northampton

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Mon - Fri 6am - 8:30pm / Sat 7am - 1pm

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