LM FIT Resistance Bands


Colours: Cyan, Pink, Black

Strength: Light, Medium, Heavy

Comes in a resealable pouch

Pre Order: Bands arrive in the 1st week of June

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The LM FIT resistance band set comes with three strengths: light, medium, heavy all neatly packed into a resealable pouch. LM FIT heavy duty bands provide a versatile and effective way of engaging your legs, core, glutes, and hips. These bands will allow you to activate your glutes, hamstrings and quads more as you squat, thrust and lunge. You will receive a light, medium and heavy band to allow you more versatility in your workouts.

The bands come in a resealable pouch.


LM FIT resistance bands are made thicker than normal bands and crafted through a layering process. The thicker profile prevents the bands from rolling up your legs while using them so you can focus on your workout.


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