Gooey Protein Brownies

Makes 6 Brownies Ingredients: 150g g 0% Greek Yoghurt (Fage) 50 g Chocolate Casein Powder  (Optimum Nutrition) 1 medium egg 90ml egg whites 20 g Ground Almonds 50g Apple Sauce 15 g Cocoa Powder 20 g Sukrin Gold or Trivia Method: Pre Heat oven to 180 Combine all ingredients in a food processor or use a hand whisk. Once throughly combined, line a baking tin with a non stick … More Gooey Protein Brownies

Healthy Carrot Cake

Serves 6 Ingredients: 100g Oat Flour 25g Optimum nutrition Vanilla whey protein powder 25g Sukrin Coconut flour 1tsp Baking Powder 2 Whole Eggs 70ml liquid egg whites (2 large egg whites) 20g melted coconut oil 100g 0% Fat, Total Greek yoghurt 80ml Water 180g Carrots, Grated 400g 0% Fat, Total Greek yoghurt 25g Optimum Nutrition vanilla casein Method: … More Healthy Carrot Cake