Goal Setting

Goal Setting Everyone sets goals every year, but if they are not SMART goals they usually don’t get achieved.   SPECIFIC You must specifically state what you want to accomplish with the goal and why. So instead of ‘I want to get fit’ the goal would be ‘I want to run a 5K’. The why […]

Why Lift Weights?

Weight training has so many benefits for everyone so it’s time to get started. ⠀ More and more women are weight training and that’s amazing, however there is still a lot of women afraid to do weight training due to the fear of becoming bulky. You won’t become bulky, it takes years of dedication and […]


So you may wonder why I’m even talking about osteoporosis I’m 22 and osteoporosis concerns more elderly people. Well recently my eyes have been opened. Did you know on average your bone mass/strength/density increases from ages 0-30 then plateaus between 30-40 years old and then declines from there. So now is the time I need […]

A Week In The Life Of A Triathlete

I am so excited to share this blog with you all because it’s written by one of the most inspirational women I know, my sister. Tania is a triathlete who gives 110% in every aspect of her life so you can imagine she’s no different when it comes to her sport. She was a strong […]

Why Track Macros?

So one of the most common questions you will get amongst health and nutrition is ‘Do you track?’ Then everyone feels they have to justify themselves as to why they track so they don’t come across as obsessive and having a problem. In this blog I’m going to explain why we should bother tracking our […]

Active Outdoors

It’s officially spring and it’s getting warmer so it’s time to get outdoors and get fit, no need to force yourself to go into the gym or do exercise you don’t enjoy. In this blog I will be sharing loads of ideas on how to get fit outdoors and have fun, involve the family, your […]


The Psychology and science of MOTIVATION ! Get ready for some geek mode. So I am not a qualified psychologist I will be open about that but I study sports psychology as part of my degree and there is also elements of psychology within the personal training qualification I am half way through, so I […]

Vitamin D

Vitamin D. You’ve heard about it, but your not really sure if it concerns you or not. Well it does especially in the dark winters, I’ve written this blog to help people understand the importance of vitamin D and what they can do to prevent a deficiency. What does Vitamin D do? Vitamin D helps […]

Why do we eat more and gain more weight at Christmas

Most adults between the age of 18-49 gain 1-2 pounds of weight a year. Over the course of a year people gain weight and loose weight, however during the ‘holiday’ season an adult will averagely gain 1 pound. So why do we eat more and gain more weight at Christmas? 1.Social Pressure Everyone feels they […]

Fitness Gift Guide to Christmas 2016

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… So it’s time to fill the stockings and wrap the presents. But what do you get for your fitness fanatic, runners, gym bunnies, bodybuilders, health conscious, all sorts of fitties to buy for. This guide should help you find something for any sort of enthusiast ! Activewear […]