The Psychology and science of MOTIVATION ! Get ready for some geek mode. So I am not a qualified psychologist I will be open about that but I study sports psychology as part of my degree and there is also elements of psychology within the personal training qualification I am half way through, so I … More Motivation

Fare Healthy 2017

I had the pleasure of going to FARE HEALTHY 2017, located at the Old Truman Brewery in East London, it was an event on an epic scale that spanned across two days from the 4-5th February. This is the 3rd year the festival has occurred and it was the biggest yet. The festival has 9 … More Fare Healthy 2017

Vitamin D

Vitamin D. You’ve heard about it, but your not really sure if it concerns you or not. Well it does especially in the dark winters, I’ve written this blog to help people understand the importance of vitamin D and what they can do to prevent a deficiency. What does Vitamin D do? Vitamin D helps … More Vitamin D

Post Show Plans

Hello again, so we approaching the last few blog posts in the Bikini Prep series which I write with sadness and excitement. I am so overwhelmed by the happiness the experience has given me, as I’ve said I’ve learnt tonnes about myself, met some amazing people and I have officially committed to bodybuilding as my … More Post Show Plans

Show Day

I can’t believe I’m writing my show day blog post, this prep has gone so quickly and now it’s over any ‘tough’ times have escaped my memory. In this blog I will be sharing exactly what show day entails and what happened on the stage. Day’s Events 6am Wake Up 6:05-6:20am Shower + Body Scrub … More Show Day

Peak Week

So this week was Peak Week and both My coaches and I planned everything to the minute details. It’s important to remember everyone’s peak week is different and personal to you, for me I needed to ensure I fill up my muscles at the end of the week to look full as I have a … More Peak Week